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CodeRenowned is a digital space where innovation never ends. As an innovative website  development company in Bangalore, we’re one of the trusted premia and unique website development partners for businesses supporting to enhance their brand visibility online. CodeRenowned has sharp tuning by experienced professionals who use the last updated technologies to design and develop a reliable website. Through handcrafted custom UX/UI design, and future-forward website development with strategized SEO solutions, CodeRenowned fuels innovation and keep assisting businesses on the growth track.

Start your business’ digital presence with professional website development services. With the help of CodeRenowned expert team, creative custom designs, and a friendly transparent process, we are the proven choice for website development in Bangalore, India.

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Why Does Your Business Need a Website?

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In this era, online presence of your business is very crucial to making a business successful. Without a website, people will be unaware of your business and this will decrease the chances of business credibility. Due to rapid growth in technology and consumer purchase behavior, an online presence can contribute to massive growth in business success.

Having a personalized website will give an opportunity for your business in making a great first impression with customers and give them the comfort that your business is real. Having a great website will certainly bring a huge difference for business and helps in generating more revenue.

The market is filled with several businesses and to stand apart from your competitors, you should have a clear and effective website that solves most of the queries of your customers. It should look more professional and convey genuine information to customers.

Here Are The Top Reasons Why Businesses Need a Website In This Era.

Website Increases Business Credibility

A good and interactive website increases the credibility of a business. A website should convey every detail and important information of a business to its customers. Having a website increases trust amongst customers, which in turn convinces them to make the required action like submitting details, purchasing products, etc.

Website Builds Brand

Brand awareness is of huge importance for a successful business. A website clearly states what the business is about, how it will benefit its customers, what services it provides, and much more details. Therefore, the website enables you to exhibit your brand to customers.

Website Helps To Find Customers From Across The Globe

Every business needs customers and the main intent to have a website for a business is to attract more customers. The online presence of your business makes customers aware of your business and convinces them to reach you to know more about your products or services. This, in turn, increases sales and generates more revenue.

Website Leads Are Easier To Convert

Having a website increases the chances of your business appearing in Google Search. This makes people aware of your brand and increases customers.

Website Increase Your Sales, Revenue And Growth

This is a time of ecommerce sales, and brands who do not own a website cannot expect to grow. Online presence enables to attract more customers which in turn increases sales and revenue.

Let's Build | Get Launch | Start Grow

Create and transform your business website into a high performing and sustainable lead source to accelerate and scaleup your business growth. For more information on business website development process and requirements, Book a free consultation today with our website development service expert. 

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    Our Performance-Based Approach

    CodeRenowned is more than just creating websites. We’re an innovative and performance-centered website development company in Bangalore. We value and care about understanding each clients’ business from its core to deliver a complete custom web solution that meets business objectives and requirements. Our innovative mindset and performance-based approach ensure your website performs for your business, your team, and users.

    We Care About Your Business Personalization

    As experienced professionals in the space of website development and digital marketing, we understand that personalization is the first step towards growing and transforming your business into a recognizable iconic brand in your market. By keeping this in mind, we’re committed to delivering a unique website design with a catchy logo that enhances your business visibility among market competitors.

    Our Innovative Website Solutions For Your Business

    Our Ease 7 Steps Website Development Process

    As a top-rated website development company in Bangalore, We understand that having an elegant business website will be the first impression of your company that builds trust between your customers. We assist and support businesses with custom build personalized websites that automate your entire business process and bring them under one roof. Get partner with CodeRenowned, the best website development company in Bangalore.

    Discovery Meeting

    In project discovery meeting, we understand your business from its core and collect all the requirements.

    Strategic Planning

    Following the initial project kick-start meeting, we outline the project, plan & create project milestones, and take it further on project priorities.

    WireFrame & Mockup Design

    With the help of collected data, we prepare a website structure with a wireframe and mockup design for approval.

    Execute Web Design & Development

    The final approved design by the client will take shape by our experienced designers. Simultaneously, our innovative developers build your website functionality using top technologies.

    Website Optimization

    We optimize all the web pages of websites by loading rich information content, minifying script codes, and compress images without reducing their quality. Optimizing the website will enhance site loading speed and your SEO effort.

    Functionality Testing

    We ensure all the functionalities, mobile responsiveness, website security, and load test before making your website live.


    We're committed to ensuring the quality of your project before delivery. We launch your finished custom business website and promote it if preferred.

    Why Should You Choose CodeRenowned:
    Best Web Development Company In Bangalore

    The first visual presentation of your product ignites curiosity and likeability in customers. Therefore, your website should be designed perfectly keeping all customers’ perspectives in mind. As a renowned website development company in Bangalore, we understand every business is built on the goals to generate value and protect investments. With years of experience in delivering the right personalized solutions for clients across the globe, we are committed to excellence and focus beyond short-term results to long-range goals.

    We aim at creating compelling website designs that present your brand in the most unique way and are customer-centric. We employ best practices to support future marketing and optimize the design of the website that gives more enthralling, less complicated, and sales-oriented that increasing customer engagement.

    Team CodeRenowned is a group of experienced professionals assisting businesses with result-oriented digital marketing and custom website development services in Bangalore. CodeRenowned committed to deliver

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    Industries We Serve | CodeRenowned

    CodeRenowned is proud to serve industries that keep the world’s economy moving forward.

    We offer website development services to a wide spectrum of industries across India. Our innovative and high-functional website development solutions can shape any technology and help industries to lift the way to success. Also, we apply our best practices to every new project to recognize and address the unique needs and goals of each organization we serve. Being a digital service, we’re powered up to work on projects from across the globe.



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    Property And Real Estate

    Tour And Travels

    Healthcare Services


    Website Development, & Result-Oriented Digital Marketing All Under One Roof - Let's Start Growing Your Business Online Today!

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      Boost Up Your Business Growth Online With Our Digital Marketing Services

      As people spend 8+hrs per day on the internet, every business should have an online presence to transform into a reputed brand in the market. As the best digital marketing service provider, CodeRenowned digital marketing strategies resonate with the latest trends in the online marketing space.

      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

      Rank your website top in popular search engines like Google and Bing and showcase your products/services to relevant business audiences across the globe for sales. Let's get started.

      Social Media Marketing (SMM)

      Start your brand awareness campaign with our loud social media marketing services to engage with your business audience seamlessly.

      Google My Business Profile SEO

      Start to attract your new local customers with google my business profile optimization services. Our service keeps your business updated and drives the most relevant leads to the store/office. Let's start working on increasing your local customer base today!

      Pay Per Click (PPC)

      We understand that SEO takes months to bring traffic to your new website. Opt for our result-oriented PPC service and start generating sales within days.

      SEO Content Writing

      Equip your website with actionable keywords, attractive business slogans, effective call-to-action texts, and unique SEO-optimized content. Discuss your requirements with our content team today!

      Lead Generation

      Just launching a business website will not bring your leads. Fuel your sales with our reliable lead generation service with a high conversion rate. Want to know how? Reach us today!

      Website Development Company In Bangalore - FAQ

      Building a new business website cost can vary significantly depending on various factors and specific business requirements. It’s important to understand each business website is unique in appearance and features to serve its customers better. The website cost is influenced by factors such as

      1. Complexity of design
      2. Number of website pages
      3. Functionality
      4. Level of customization
      5. Integration of the Site with Another Site, Mobile Application, or Management Software.

      As a reputed website development company in Bangalore, CodeRenowned offers custom project quotes after a detailed understanding of your business-specific need and objectives. We work closely with our clients to access their requirements, create a comprehensive project plan, and provide transparent pricing that aligns with their budget.

      If you choose an experienced website development company in Bangalore, then it would take 1 to 4+ weeks based on the size of the project. The timeline

      As a professional website development agency in Bangalore, CodeRenowned follow a structured website development process to establish clear milestone and provide regular updates throughout the project to clients. Through this process, our team ensures transparency and allows for efficient project management, resulting in timely website delivery.

      At CodeRenowned, we are versatile and experienced in using a wide range of platforms and technologies to build responsive websites. The choice of website development platform depends on various factors like your requirement, business objectives, scalability needs, budget considerations, and your preference as a client. 

      As an experienced website development company in Bangalore, CodeRenowned believes in providing fully customized solutions tailored to meet your business’s unique needs, and our team carefully evaluates the most suitable platform for each project. 

      Here are some of the platforms we commonly work with:

      Content Management Systems (CMS): WordPress, Drupal, Joola, etc.

      E-commerce Platforms: WooCommerce (WordPress), Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, OpenCart, etc.

      Custom Website Development: For business websites with specific requirements or unique functionalities, we do fully custom websites using coding from scratch. We use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, or Python to deliver the desired functionality and interactivity.

      CodeRenowned will ensure that your website is built to the highest standards in design and technology, user-friendly, and visually appealing. As a professional website development company in Bangalore, our aim is to provide businesses with a website that not only meets your current needs but also allows for future scalability and expansion.

      Yes, at CodeRenowned we offer SEO services as an integral part of our website development process. As a professional website development company in Bangalore, we understand the importance of having a website that not only looks great but also performs well in search engines to drive organic traffic and maximize online visibility for your business, generating leads and sales. 

      When we build your website, we implement onpage SEO best practices to ensure the website is optimized for search engines for higher rankings. CodeRenowned approach to SEO during website development:

      1. Keyword Research
      2. On-Page Optimization
      3. Site Speed and Performance
      4. Mobile-Friendly Design
      5. User Experience and Navigation

      While our primary focus is on implementing SEO best practices during the website development phase, we also offer ongoing SEO services to rank competitive keywords that keep your sales pipe filled with qualified leads. 

      As one of the leading website development companies in Bangalore, we strive to deliver high-quality website designs that meet more than the client’s expectations. However, in these years of experience, we understand that every business owner and decision-makers’ preferences and expectations vary.

      To avoid customer dissatisfaction, we ensure to report and get your feedback at every stage of your website development we complete. Our goal is to provide a website that aligns with your business vision and meets your specific requirements.

      Yes, we make sure the website is responsive for all devices, screen resolutions, and browsers. So it can be accessible to both Apple and Android device users without any hassle.

      Yes, the CodeRenowned team can help your business get on the online track. We set up a discussion to understand your business from its core and your targeted customers to identify the requirements. Once our team gathers the information, we develop a website that aligns with your business online needs.