Case Study- San Antonio Eye Specialists



After spending thousands of dollars a month in advertising with their current agency and not seeing the results they wanted, San Antonio Eye Specialists knew they needed a change in their digital strategy.
Within just six months of working with CodeRenowned, San Antonio Eye Specialists achieved good conversations with the ability to track every lead so they could continue to invest in the proper channels to further grow.

Company Background

Dr. Iskander is an established medical director and lead surgeon at San Antonio Eye Specialists. With a website that wasn’t representative of their business and poor experiences with agencies in the past, San Antonio Eye Specialists choose CodeRenowned when we reach out to them.
The firm had spent thousands of dollars on advertising and was not seeing a return on its investment. With incorrect messaging in their ads and technical and graphical issues on the website, the business was struggling to generate leads in a meaningful way online. For the leads that did come through, no tracking was established on the website.
CodeRenowned gave San Antonio Eye Specialists a total online facelift, from their website to ads, graphic design, and SEO.

The Challenge

San Antonio Eye Specialists faced significant challenges with their website interface, which lacked proper conversion options. Their website was optimized for low search volume and had improper keywords, resulting in a poor conversion rate from online channels. Addressing these issues was crucial for improving their online presence and driving conversions.

CodeRenowned's Solution

With a technically and graphically flawed website, our first course of action was to fix the most egregious of glitches while establishing redirects from unnecessary pages to more relevant pages on the site. While the website wasn’t generating many leads at first, we knew that we had to set up tracking to properly decide on what marketing channels to invest in. That means tracking the source of all form fills and phone calls to ensure we’re putting our efforts and budget into the right places.
Content & Design: We provided them with a complete redesign of their website, fully optimized to convert and generate leads. We crafted and updated on-page content alongside the client for each and every service that they offer. The result? Expert-level content designed to dominate search engines.
Local SEO Campaigns: San Antonio Eye Specialists primarily services the city of their namesake, and ranking within San Antonio was their primary concern. We developed service pages targeting San Antonio keywords, built citations to build local authority across the web, and performed additional local link-building tasks to dial in on their service area on the SERPs.
Location Targeting: To target San Antonio-based keywords relevant to their business, we built pages unique to each of the services that the business provides with a focus on their San Antonio office location. Along with keyword-targeted content, we leveraged local schema markups to further improve the local relevance of the business.
Location Citation Building: Having consistent and accurate business listings across online directories is key for both informing users and search engines. Using Moz Local, as well as manual efforts, we’ve built and improved countless local citations for business to improve the consistency of their business information online.
PPC Advertising On Google Ads: While the client was spending thousands of dollars on Google Ads, they were receiving unqualified leads that weren’t able to be properly tracked. Through in-depth competitive and keyword research, CodeRenowned completely revamped how their Google Ads account operated.
Facebook Advertising: We performed extensive research based on competitors and industry leaders across the country alike. Through this research, we found that people respond to a reputable doctor. We put Dr. Iskander, the medical director of San Antonio Eye Specialists at the forefront of all of our Facebook advertising efforts, and this really resonated with potential patients. Pairing the ultimate trust builder of a reputable doctor with an attractive discount created Facebook ad campaigns that over-performed on all fronts.


1. SEO: Through our highly detailed and meticulous SEO strategizing, we were able to increase the organic leads of the business by 156% year over year.
SEO takes time to see results, and as we continue to optimize their website, we expect to see the number of quality keywords the San Antonio Eye Specialists rank for continue to grow. Through the development of new content and link-building strategies every 6 to 12 months and constant monitoring of competitors, San Antonio Eye Specialists will continue to enjoy quality organic traffic with even more to come in the future.
2. Google Ads: Complete tracking paired with quality ads and keyword choice resulted in a massive 114% increase in the number of leads that the business generated through Google Ads.
3. Value We Delivered:
  • 114% Increase in the number of leads through paid channels
  • 18% Increase in site speed
  • 156% Increase in organic leads year over year
CodeRenowned has transformed the digital marketing approach of San Antonio Eye Specialists, enabling them to acquire high-quality leads at a cost reduced from $250 to less than $50.