Case Study- Green Energy of San Antonio



Richard Ramos, President of Green Energy of San Antonio, felt that he was throwing excessive money at cold calling without receiving trackable and noticeable results. When CodeRenowned approached Richard, he was happy with CodeRenowned digital marketing strategy to grow his business and here our journey begins.
Today, Green Energy of San Antonio is the leading provider of attic insulation, water softeners, and window replacement in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Thanks to his partnership with CodeRenowned, Richard Ramos has been able to track the stellar results of his marketing campaigns and measure his return on investment.

Company Background

Green Energy of San Antonio is a family-owned and operated business, founded on the principles of saving the residents of San Antonio money by making their homes more energy efficient. At Green Energy of San Antonio, offering San Antonio homeowners the next big thing to improve their energy efficiency has always been paramount. Enter groundbreaking products like the Green Energy radiant barrier insulation, as well as the Green Energy energy efficient window. These next-level energy efficiency improving products meant for Richard Ramos and the team at Green Energy of San Antonio that it was time to hit the ground running.

The Challenge

Green Energy of San Antonio completely relies on outbound marketing like cold calls & billboards and no effort is given to cover customers through online channels.

CodeRenowned's Solution

With a weak digital presence, Green Energy of San Antonio essentially did not generate any qualified leads over a period. Their website was not generating any traffic, and in turn, any leads for the business. To improve this, CodeRenowned got started on a top-of-the-line website, paired with search-optimized content and expert-level paid ads in order to generate qualified leads.
How We Did It:
Content & Design: When CodeRenowned approached Green Energy first, they had a website that was not performing well both in speed and conversions. We focused on aligning the brand’s family-owned, and local feel with a modern and professional look. Green Energy of SA has been operating in San Antonio for over 10 years and is truly a local expert.
Because of their recognizable brand, we based the updated colors on their brand colors of navy blue and light green, but shifted the values slightly and added a light blue, and light blue grey. We decided to rebuild the new website in Webflow for a more intuitive workflow and to bypass plugins and theme updates that have plagued their older build.
Local SEO Campaigns: As a locally owned and operated business attempting to garner leads in the San Antonio area, the team CodeRenowned knew that Local SEO was the only way to go. In order to garner rankings in the San Antonio area, we worked on…
Search Optimized Content:
At the foundation of any great SEO campaign is content that is optimized for the search engines. In SEO, there’s an old saying that “content is king”, and that still rings true in 2022 and beyond. We hit the ground running utilizing the skills of our talented SEO writers to craft content for the website that ranks for the keywords that Richard and the team at Green Energy care about most, like “window replacement”, “water softeners” and “attic insulation”.
Location Targeting:
Once we laid the groundwork for the content, we started sprinkling in our local keywords. Through direct keyword targeting and mentions of San Antonio across Green Energy’s service pages, as well as LocalBusiness schema markup implementation, they’ve been able to acquire a number of first-page rankings for their services in the San Antonio area. With 1st page and top 3 position rankings for keywords like “radiant barrier San Antonio” and “attic insulation San Antonio”, Green Energy of San Antonio is exactly where they want to be within the SERPs.
Location Citation Building:
When it comes to local SEO, local link building and citations are always the way to go for off-page optimizations. With a combination of manual citation building and a listing management service, we were able to get Green Energy of San Antonio listed across the web with accurate NAP (name, address, and phone number) information which is critical to success within the search engines.
PPC Advertising On Google Ads: Using Google Ads, we were able to tie ad dollars to real results using analytics, and conversion tracking, using campaigns that leveraged site content and machine-powered auction bidding for relevant search queries. By allowing data-driven results to lead the way, we were able to pinpoint user intent signals and incorporate them into campaigns that dynamically created ads and chose landing pages based on the relevance between user queries and site content. We then built out keyword-based campaigns by leveraging search term data that these dynamic search ads provided to capitalize on proven high-performing keywords and phrase strings. These efforts produced a 45% increase in lead volume and a 13% decrease in lead costs when comparing 2022 vs. 2021, as well as a 24% increase in Conv Rate for search ads.
Facebook Advertising: By running dynamic ads and heavily testing, the CodeRenowned team was able to make Facebook Ads one of Green Energies of San Antonio’s highest quality lead sources.
An elemental pillar of paid social is constantly testing and refreshing ads to avoid ad fatigue and to hone in on the assets, copy, and tone that resonate the most with your audience; this fundamental pillar was the building block of Green Energy’s winning strategy on Facebook. By creating and constantly testing different images, videos, and ad copies across a broad range of users, we were able to find precise messaging angles that resonated with a larger audience. With close monitoring of campaign performance and continuous A/B testing, Green Energy is acquiring a high volume and qualified leads from Facebook, as low as $45 per lead.